Fortinetabril 16, 20240

Introducing FortiOS 7.6

For decades, the cybersecurity landscape has been dominated by a siloed approach, with isolated products deployed across the network and networking and security existing as separate entities. This fragmented strategy leaves significant vulnerabilities, forcing organizations to cobble together disparate point solutions that create complexity and hinder visibility. Fortinet, however, has always championed a different vision: the convergence of networking and security. Founded on the principle of integrated security, we recognize that true network protection requires a holistic platform approach.

Our longstanding commitment to developing and delivering a unified platform is further solidified with the release of FortiOS 7.6, the latest update to our industryleading operating system. This update injects new capabilities and services across the Fortinet Security Fabric, the most mature and comprehensive cybersecurity platform in the market today. Unlike competitors just now jumping on the platform bandwagon, we have been diligently building and refining the Security Fabric for years, resulting in the most extensive product coverage available. These latest enhancements to the Security Fabric include adding new generative AI capabilities across all three of our pillars, adding new managed services for our firewall, SASE, and SOC operations, new integrations for our Unified agent, and new data protection.


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